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X-knightâ„?4WD Off Road RC Land & Water Car

$59.98 USD

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, there’s just something about driving a remote control car that never gets old. Whether it's racing on a track, jumping over curbs or just tooling around the neighborhood, they're just fun entertainment. But we want to make it better and enjoyable by introducing X-knightâ„?for them to use.

Saving the indecisive from having to choose between an RC boat, an RC car, X-knightâ„?is an all-terrain remote control toy that can be used on water and dry land, —and all without having to reconfigure the toy with extra floats or wheels.

Remote controlled cars had been favorite childhood games for the current generation of kids. But we are also giving them a remote controlled car that will enable your kid to have an hour of fun by pulling off stunts and stimulating their imagination as the pretend being the ones in the seat of the driver. X-knightâ„?/span> will educate your kid as they encourage learning in the field of technology.

This is a product that you can give to your kid as the best present he/she has received ever. With this car, you don’t have to be there all the time to deal with stuck issues because it has been built to over land and water.

Full control is provided by the handy 2.4-GHz remote control The remote that has been built for use with this product is very sensitive,you can be able to control it at a distance of 150 feet on the water and 200 feet on land, and it will enable all-direction control so that you can perform your stunts well - alone or in a team with friends.

Right out of the box it's able to skim across the surface of a pond, tear down a road, sandy beach,wetlands or grasslands. Whether wild spins or hot races on land, jumping into the water doubles your driving pleasure.  A set of four-oversized hollow wheels ensures the lightweight craft won't sink when touching down on water, and even if a rough landing sees it getting soaked, all of the electronics and components are sealed and water-proof.

Growing as a child has always been fun for children that have sensitive parents to the growth of a child. Without ignoring children, they can have splendid games when you choose for them the right things or structures to use for gaming. Driving is one part of gaming, and it has been a child’s best game all the ages. 

These cars are not only for fun, but it has been researched and found out that they are also educational. They teach your kids how to respect a speeding car, how to control it and how to make decisive decisions when they are prompted to. Buy them the X-knightâ„?and let them learn and be educated,for kids and for the kid in you.

Material: ABS Plastics
Drive Mode: 4 Wheel Drive 
Channels: 6 Channels; Forward, Backward,Turn Left,Turn Right, Drive On Land & In Water
Control Frequency: 2.4GHz
Control Distance: 60M on land, 35M on water
Speed: 30km/h
Charging Time: 2 hours
Playing Time: About 20-25 Minutes
Car Battery:6V 700mAh Battery
Control Battery: 2 x 1.5V AA Battery
Cycle Size: 8.7 x 8.3 x 4.3 inch
Cycle Weight: 0.62 kg

Package List:
1 x RC Car
1 x Controller(Battery not included)
1 x 6V 700Mah Rechargeable Battery
1 x USB Charge cable