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Teethers™ Baby Teething Mitten

$14.99 USD

Is Teething Hurting Your Baby?   Stop the Pain! 

  • Prevent Self Biting - soft silicone keeps your baby's skin safe from bites
  • Stop Saliva Irritation - mitten coverage blocks saliva from damaging skin
  • Reduce Painful Blisters - 360 degree protection fights blister formation
  • 100% Safe for Babies - food grade FDA Certified material made for babies
  • Less Doctors Visits - skin protection leads to fewer scary visits to the doctor
  • Minimal Cleanup - breathable fabric absorbs saliva and destroys odors
  • Entertain Your Child - bright colors and built in crinkle sounds will fascinate your loved one

Why Parents Choose Teethers™



Product Features


Competitor A

Competitor B

Can be worn on either hand Yes




Adjustable size and secure fit




Multiple teething surfaces




Absorbs drool and kills odor






Washer and dryer friendly





Complaint with all safety regulations







Keeps Babies Entertained







Over 217,000 Dedicated Parents Have Chosen Teethers™

It's What You Do For the Love of Your Child

Loving Parents Who Relieved Their Babies from Pain

  Perfect teething toy!!

This teething mitten is the cutest thing I have ever bought for my baby and it has been super useful too. My son would always suck on his hand so I thought this mitten would do the job – and oh what a great job it does! When ever my son starts sucking on his hand or chewing on it I just put on the mitten, so I don’t have to keep removing his hand. So much stress gone!! The silicone has groves for her to chew on and soothe which makes the product great. The Velcro strap is also a great bonus as I can adjust the fit. The crinkling sound is one of my favourite things about the mitten – my son goes crazy for it! I also love that I can just stick the mitten in the washing machine!

- Rosa D'Elano

  mommy finally has a happier baby :)


Honestly, I never really write reviews. But this mit has taken away so much stress! My son likes the crinkliness and soft edges, perfect for his new teeth coming in. I dont have to keep removing his hand anymore and now its healing. Much less crying!

- Sssov

  Love it!

Bought two of these teething mittens for my three and a half month old son. He loves these teething mittens! He is fascinated by the crinkling sound, and he loves to chew on it. I even catch him cooing to his mittens, which is absolutely adorable! Five stars!

- Meghan

  good product

My daughter is teething so I bought this as it looked a lot safer than her chewing on random toys. I am happy to report she loves this mitten and the crunchy feature is an added bonus. Her fingers were starting to become a little damaged before I bought the mit because of all the teething. Now it's been a few days and her skin has definitely healed. As a mom, this product has been a savior for me, haha!

- Kasnika Sahar

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Get Yours Now so You Don't Miss the Chance to Protect Your Baby

Teethers™ Promises

When it comes to your child, their safety and health is your #1 priority. 

It's ours too.

We strive to keep your baby safe while making your life easier. Here's how:


Every mitten is put through rigorous lab testing to make sure they'll protect your child. The soft silicone material shields your loved one's fingers from bites, saliva damage, and blister formation.


Both the fabric and food grade silicone in Teethers™ are CE and FDA Certified. Each material was specifically crafted with child safety in mind. No chemicals, no BPAs, no danger for your baby. 

The advanced materials used are natural and comfortable for soft skin. Plus there's no smell. 


Get the right fit in seconds with an easily adjustable strap to match your baby's hand size. 

It won't come off when properly fitted. Perfect for making sure it doesn't get lost.

Easy Cleanup

You'll rarely have to clean your Teethers™ compared to other products. The soft fabric absorbs saliva and destroys odor causing bacteria. 

But when you do need to give Teethers™ a wash, you can rest assured knowing it's completely laundry-friendly.


Each mitten was designed not just to protect your baby and make your life easier. We go even further to make sure your child is entertained as well while wearing the glove.

Teethers™ comes with brightly colored dot patterns proven to capture the attention of babies. And the built in membrane produces a "crinkly" sound that fascinates infants. 

Your baby will want you to put on Teethers™.


* This product is approved by the FDA for safety

Product Details 

Weight: 0.96 ounces

Dimensions: Approx. 7*4*10cm

Material: Food Grade Silicone, Fabric

Material Features: Latex free, BPA free

Recommended Age: 4 months - 1 year

More Loving Parents Who Helped Their Babies Heal

  Actually soothes teething gums.

This mitten is amazing. My teething baby always has his hands in his mouth. The body of the mitten makes a fun crinkling noise while the tip is a soft silicone that soothes teething gums.

- Michael D.

  This teething mitten is great. Outstanding quality/fit


Awesome glove that my daughter absolutely loves. Perfect for my daughter to chew and suck on. Silicone material is great for this and I am happy that it is BPA free. Perfect size, and the Velcro strap is great to adjust the fit. One thing that really stands out to me is the design of the glove. My daughter absolutely loves it! The crinkly sound is also a great bonus and brings an aspect of fun to my daughter teething.

- Leann Jones

  awesome mitten with great design!

This teething mitten is awesome. Outstanding quality and size is a great fit. Ordering another one for my great great nephew! Thanks very much for the prompt delivery.

- haley

We're so sure you'll love your Teethers™ Baby Teething Mitten, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't let your little one hurt themselves any longer. Give them the relief they need. You'll both be happier before you know it!

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