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$29.95 USD

New! How Every Parent Can Calm An Overwhelmed Child And Transform A Chaotic Household Into A Peaceful Sensory Retreat In Just 10 Minutes Per Day... Without Suffering Through Stressful And Embarrassing Sensory Meltdowns!


"To see my daughter laughing and swinging is a joy. Thank you" 

- Darlene Fisher, Mother Of A Now Sensory-Balanced Child

Does your sensory-seeking child have tons of energy that often turns into embarrasing public meltdowns, violent anger streaks with kicking and hitting, destructive compulsion, and even self harming?

Does your child act calm and cool one minute and the next thing you know they are screaming and having a fit over what seems to be nothing?

Is it nearly impossible to rest or step away (for even a few minutes!) without constantly worrying that your kid will put himself in danger and end up hurting himself or someone else.

Then Here's A Tool That's Fun, Safe, And Easy To Set Up, That Will Bring Predictability Back Into Your Life And Has Made A Difference In Thousands Of Children's Lives... Almost Immediately!

  • MELTS AWAY ANXIETY: New! Designed with cool-comfort, extra soft mesh, so your child feels safe and enclosed with deep calming pressure, while having complete breathability and vision
  • BOOSTS FOCUS: Perfect for exercise before school to increase focus in class, and after school to providing a fantastic sensory break that makes homework fun! Swinging for 10-20 minutes is good for up to two hours of seated focus time!
  • MELTDOWN MIRACLE: Parents have shared that they experience "Up to ten times less meltdowns overall just by swinging 10 minites per day". So you can finally start preventing meltdowns, instead of struggling through them!
  • A BEDTIME BREEZE: Takes the struggle out of bedtime by helping your child wind down and release pent up energy and stress at the end of the day. Which means faster falling and staying asleep!
  • SPEEDS UP DEVELOPMENT: Strenghtens the core and improves motor function for better balance and body awareness. All while making non-preferred tasks easier! So that transitions, nail cutting and morning routines and more become less challenging.

Did You Know?

 This Mesh Swing is perfect for both sensory seekers and sensory avoiders. Just 5 to 10 minutes of swinging can calm a seeker for up to 4 hours! Avoiders quickly relax and feel more at ease. Use this swing in your child's bedtime routine to help wind down at the end of the day and maintain consistent sleep through the night (no more waking up every few hours).

Use before going to places with lots of sensory stimulation. Spin or swing for 5 to 10 minutes. Your child will stay calm in places and situations you never thought possible! So that you and your loved ones can finally have a calmer, more predictable day to day life. And so that you can finally claim back your own health, become more productive, lower your own stress, and sleep restfully.

Here's What Parents Are Saying...


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this swing work for teenagers or young adults?

Yes! This mesh swing has a 220lb weight capacity - so kids of all ages and even young adults can benefit... which means as your child grows, the swing grows with them!

Can I use this swing indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use as well as travel so you can take it anywhere when routines change... even on vacation! (which where many meltdowns actually take place)

How do I hang this swing in my home or apartment?

We offer a special swivel hooks (Swing and Hooks) option for a secure ceiling/outdoor/indoor that you can setup in just 5 minutes - so you can quickly get your swing into action throughout your daily routines to stop problems before they even have a chance to get started!

CLICK here to check out The Special Swivel Hooks!

What do therapists have to say about this swing?

The Sensory Swing is trusted and used by top occupational therapists in clinics across the world - so you can feel confident using this tool to get results right from your own home.


By far, this is one of the most effective tools to calm your sensory child, and bring balance back to the senses.

In fact, one of the most wonderful things about this swing is that it's perfect for BOTH sensory seekers and sensory avoiders. Seekers are free to swing around and let out all of their energy. Avoiders can calmly rock back and forth to relieve anxiety.

Parents who have started using a sensory swing at home have noticed a huge boost in focus, relief from sensory meltdowns, easy bedtime routines, and much more! 

So far we have already shipped more than 327 of these sensory swings in the last couple days and we are QUICKLY running out, so grab yours now while supplies last.

Happy Swingin' :)