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Raining Egg

$11.90 USD

Why does the cloud rain? 
For children, they will wonder why the clouds will fall! 
Our cloud duck shower toy can let the children know that the water on the ground can be recycled to the sky and return to the earth in the form of rainfall. 
Let us play with this water toys to accompany children to do an interesting practice. 

1. Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, mother can use it safely. 
2. Smooth surface, rounded, with no sharp corners and raw edges, protects your kid's young skin 
3. Cute shape attracts the kid’s attention and makes them happy. 
4. The shower spray is moderate, it will not hurt the children 
5. Your kids can feel the magical power of nature's buoyancy when the cloud deer shower toy floats on the water 
6. Promote parent-child relationship and create a happy family atmosphere for the kid's growth. 

How to use: 
1. Put the cloud into the bathtub first; 
2. Soak the whole cloud in the water 
3 .After the cloud is filled with water, the deer will float automatically. 
4. Lifting the cloud, the cloud begin to sprinkle. 

Package include: 
1 X shower toy