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Meow Meow Piano Cats

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Learn to Play Piano With These Cuddly Cats - #1 The Best Creative Product 2018

What if I told you that a piano is made up of 8 kitties, would you believe it?

It is true! And the piano's name is Meow Meow Piano Cats.

The  Meow Meow Piano Cats are a series of 8 unique musical toy instruments that you "play" by pressing down on the mini feline's back. Each colored cat represents a different musical note that you can play like an animal piano. A great toy for music lovers and cat lovers, get more than one and build up a mini orchestra!

The lineup consists of 8 uniquely colored kitties, with each one representing a musical scale note : Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La , Si, Doâ†?

Press down on the cat’s back, and it’ll sound its note in an adorable voice singing “meow!â€?/strong>

But these are no one-trick ponies, or strictly one-not kitties. Each cat also comes preloaded with a different song, such as “Little Bee,â€?“Jingle Bell Ring,â€?or “Little Star.â€?By flipping the switch to song mode, the cat will change notes and sing its tune in rhythm in which you squeeze it.

Get the world’s most adorable piano Today!

Features :

🐳A cute set of toys designed to relieve stress

🐳Made of Food Grade Silicone. It is safe and environmental-friendly. No toxic and Non-irritating odor.

🐳Perfect gift for kids, friends, family, or yourself. Both children and adults can play these kittens with a lot of fun.

🐳Multiple way to play will never make people feel boring.