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Little Ones Land Magic 3D Drawing Pen Start

$9.99 USD$47.95 USD

$47.95 USD

Inspiring young creators to bring their ideas to life in 3D. 

Everyone has a dream when they are young--with a magic pen, that you can make the airplane you draw on paper become real one, and the waves will become the ocean. What now? The wishes of the children can be realized! A pen that can be drawn from the paper appears! It is a 3D printing pen, you can draw a three-dimensional object, a cute little yellow man, a dreamy Eiffel Tower, a powerful iron man, a crystal clear snow, as long as you can think of it, from paper to air ......

Because of its simple operation and small size, anyone can print anything according to their own wishes. It is a 3D designed to stimulate children's spatial imagination, cultivate creative thinking, hands-on ability, analyze things and solve practical problems. Objects have a certain practical value. Einstein said that "imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, and imagination summarizes everything in the world, promotes progress, and is the source of knowledge evolution." 3d printing pens are not just fun, children's minds often flash a variety of novel ideas, if the conventional idea is to draw a floor plan, generate actual renderings, and then compare with their own ideas. Now if you have a 3d pen, they can immediately print out their ideas and make it easier for them to create their own toys.

Also Safety is our priority, this 3D printing pen and its creations are not hot to touch and use low-heat, BPA-Free and Non-Toxic Plastic, making it completely safe for kids to use. As tactile learning toy, the Start inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding - perfect for STEM learning!

Safe & Clean: uses our specially developed bioplastic. There are no hot parts. No messy resins or glue.

Easy To Use: just turn it on, insert a strand and start painting anything you want in 3D, immediately.

Wireless: paint anywhere! Charge it up and operate wirelessly. It works plugged in too.

Project Book: comes with the Little Ones Land Start Project Booklet to get you started on some cool stencils.

If you’re looking for a handheld printer, this is the perfect choice. The Little Ones Land Start is:

What's include:

  1. 3D pen set * 1;
  2. 3D pen filament *3 (random colors);
  3. 3D paper cut templates * 10;
  4. USB cable * 1;
  5. User's manual