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Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Listening Device-Baby Heartbeat Detector

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Now you can enjoy the pleasure of listening and recording your unborn baby's heartbeat from as early as 14 weeks in the comfort of your own home! Enjoy the amazing experience of hearing your baby's heartbeat, hiccups and kicks and even record them on to your computer to share with family and friends for years to come.

This Fetal Heart Monitor is a hand-held device that allows pregnant women and family members to hear the fetal heartbeat at home. It is the most popular Fetal Doppler device for home-use on the market today worldwide and makes a marvelous gift for all expectant mothers.


Benefits & Features:

  • RELIABLE & SAFE – Clinically tested Baby Sound Amplifier is equipped with a sensitive, professional detecting probe which transmits and receives signals to capture fetal heartbeat rhythm in the comfort of your own home
  • DISPLAY HEARTBEAT RATE – Inbuilt fetal heart monitor counts and displays baby’s heart rate (beats per minute) on the large LCD screen with backlight
  • TWO HEARING OPTIONS – Listen to your baby’s heartbeat and sounds in an intimate setting by inserting an earphone jack into the main unit, or play on loudspeaker by connecting to the unit base 
  • SHARE SOUND CLIPS – Record and save fetal heartbeat sounds to your cellphone or computer; create special moments by sharing and listening to recordings with loved ones; or send sound clips to distant friends or relatives
  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT – Beautifully designed sound amplifier gives expectant parents the amazing experience of hearing their child’s heart beating in the womb and helps to encourage bonding early on in a pregnancy


Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor-Heartbeat Listening Device-Ultrasound at Home-Baby Heartbeat Detector Monitor


  • Within 30 minutes AFTER waking up in the morning
  • Within 60 minutes AFTER having lunch
  • Within 30 minutes BEFORE going to bed at night
  • AFTER catching a cold or taking any medicine
  • AFTER working in any fixed position for a long time
  • AFTER any accidental event physically or emotionally 
  • A full bladder can help improve the sounds heard especially in early stages of pregnancy


Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor-Heartbeat Listening Device-Ultrasound at Home-Baby Heartbeat Detector Monitor


Specifications :

Display: 1.77" LCD display
Size: 130mm*36mm*100mm
Weight: 250g
FHR Measuring Range: 50BPM~240BPM (beat per minute)
Resolution: 1 BPM
Accuracy: +2BPM or -2BPM
Power Consumption: less than 0.8W
Battery type: 2*AA Battery (not included)
Working frequency: 2.5MHz +10% or -10%
Test result tracking: Yes




1. What is the fetal heart sound?

The fetal heart sounds like a small train, with a rhythmic sound

2. How often does it take to measure the newborn baby? Does it affect the newborn baby?

According to the recommended operation of the manual, the ultrasonic output intensity of the equipment meets the industry standards, and you can safely carry out daily monitoring.

3. Why is there noise when measuring?

During the measurement process, the movement of the probe generates noise due to the movement of the fetus. At the same time, if the position of the fetal heart is not found, the cord blood flow will also generate noise. Need to find the position of the fetal heart rate and then monitor the fetal heart sound.