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Magic 3D Building Blocks

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Endless Fun Magnetic Blocks

Playing and building are great ways for children to discover, learn and grow. Little Ones Land Magnetic Tiles can provide the building blocks of learning for your developing child, engage imagination and start on a road of discovery.

Learn through play.

Great toys to learn letters ( alphabet ), numbers, geometric shapes, colors, math, mathematics.

Great little finger toys to develop fine motor skills and mind.

Great toys to encourage kids for imagination, creativity, brain development and critical thinking

Building blocks are easily connected from flat designs to unlimited geometric shapes, which prompts kids to move from constructing 2D shapes to 3D creations. From flat sun, flower, rocket shapes to cars, trucks, ferris wheel,animals, robots. Diversified Modeling Patterns enhance kids' skills of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Non-toxic ABS Plastics

Made from non-toxic ABS plastics, the magnet building blocks go through ultrasonic process for better tightness, which can perfectly prevent breaking apart while playing. What’s more, there are no sharp edges, so children can play with them safely.



Children can use their hands, think by their brains, build whatever they think of with this magnetic toys, which promotes their fingers flexible and stimulates their brains growth. As parents, let's ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in our children to go back to our childhood, get more pleasure.