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Educational Music Rubik’s Cube Toy

$29.98 USD


The Newest Rubik’s Cube for Kids with Battery Powered Interaction.This isn’t your typical Rubik’s Cube.

Instantly engaging and fun to play with friends and family, this match cube game is educational, fun, and easy to take with you - wherever you go!

Designed for kids of all ages, the different game modes allow you to compete for the high score or simply practice learning colors and matching in a fun way.

However you play, you’ll find yourself getting lost in the fun!

Parents everywhere are loving this kid’s Rubik’s Cube - here’s why:

4 PLAYING MODES allow you to select the option that’s right for your child. Choose from SCORE mode, MEMORY mode, MULTIPLAYER mode and LEVEL mode.

Creative Musical Puzzle Cube
Flip the cube to match the colors which it displays. Music and light effects that contains rhythm feeling to capture your child’s attention right away.

Educational Toy
Help to improve the memory and reaction ability. Developmental for kids and entertaining for adults to relieve.

Great Interactive Game
Share the fun with friends & family at the party. Engaging and entertaining. 

Just follow the colored lights to know which colors you need to match, flip the blocks and then slide into place to make the match!

ADJUST THE VOLUME as needed so that you can play the game at home, in the car, while waiting at restaurants, on airplanes and with the family.

COMPACT SIZE makes taking the battery Rubik’s cube with you easy!

EASY TO FOLLOW USER’S MANUAL answers any questions you might have so that you can enjoy playing right away! .

Four different game modes

1. Speed Mode

Complete 10 moves as fast as you can! Time is measured as the score.

2. Level Mode

Progress through the levels by solving the ‘light sequencesâ€?â€?have you got the skills to reach level 8? (Time to make moves decreases as levels progress)

3. Memory Mode

Remember the flashing light sequences. Starts with just 2 blocks lighting up, but then progresses to 4 blocks by level 8.

4. Multiplayer

Solve the puzzles and pass to the next player â€?but watch out! Time is ticking down and you don’t want to be the one holding the unit when the light explosion goes off! (Loser is the one holding the unit when this happens)

Discover how much fun matching can be! Give your child a game that will actually keep their attention, while still being educational.

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