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3D Magic Water Sticky Beads

$22.95 USD$39.95 USD

$39.95 USD

Are you looking for a nice gift that every child will love?
Do you want your kids to spend time and have fun in an artistic way?
Do you need a toy that will keep your children entertained for hours?
Then look no further because we’ve got you covered!
The magic water sticky beads beads kit is everything you’ve been looking for!

What is magic water sticky beads

Little One's Land's magic water sticky beads are unique beads that stick together with water. No heat is necessary so children can enjoy the whole process safely and easily from the beginning to the end which will give them great satisfaction.

The water sticky beads are made of PVA which is completely non-toxic, certified by CE,ASTM and have been wildly used in coatings for pills/tablets. We choice the best and safest materials to protect your kids safety.


1. Prepare the material, choose the graphics you want to create, use bead pen to put the beads on the pegboard.
2. Spray the water on the surface of the beads.
3. Leave it in the ventilation and wait about for 30-60 minute, you can bask in the sun or use a hairdryer to accelerate water evaporate.
4. Use scraper to take your work from the pegboard, now you can appreciate your DIY work.

Creative designs

24 customized template corresponding to diamond layout tray for boys and girls.

booklet for 100 design idea booklet.


You can use the fuse beads to make finger rings, pendant, cell phone chain accessories, women bags accessories, ect.

Eating Prevention Design

We especially consider the safety of play. Make non-toxic magic beads into bitter taste to prevent children from eating as candy.

Now unleash your imagination and make you own DIY works.